Visitors from 1/6/2002

Matesi village

Matesi is a picturesque village with many beautiful locations, water springs and lush vegetation. The flora of the village consists of mulberry, olive, walnut, almond trees, sycamores, willows and many other trees and shrubs which were severely damaged by fire in 2007. The olives of our village are famous for olive oil but also to eat them, because the olive trees are rooted in  rocky and dry soils. In the past ,Matesi was also famous for the wine but now the vineyards are almost nonexistent.


As far as animals are concerned, the village has goats and sheep which in the past were the main source of income for the Matesians. The fauna of the region consists also of foxes, jackals, hares, badgers, reptiles, hawks, owls and many other wild animals and birds.

As it is situated among rocky mountains,  Matesi  could not remain unaffected by the massive wave of  migration towards large urban centers which took place in  the '50s in our country. Most people left for a better life, leaving behind deserted homes and elderly. Nowadays the village has become a fun place for the summer months, and only a few people, mainly retirees, stay there permanently. But it is important that immigrant children do not forget  Matesi and- any chance given- they travel there with their families to spend even a few, but wonderful,l days with their relatives and their countrymen
Matesi is located 5 km from the main road Andritsaina- Megalopolis, away from noise, cars and crowds. The village currently has approximately 60 permanent residents, most of whom are retirees who live a peaceful and quiet life away from the noisy environment of  big cities.
To reach Matesi from Athens one should take the National Road Athens-Tripoli. From Tripoli must follow the road to Kalamata which runs through  Megalopolis. In Megalopolis follow the road towards Andritsaina. On their way to  Andritsaina the visitor passes Karytaina  and  the village Theisoa (Lavda) and just after will meet the sign that leads right to  Matesi ( a short road of  5 km).
The nearest bus service  connects Athens - Andritsaina with two buses a day and the nearest stop is at Theisoa.

Matesi is very close to the river Alpheus , one of the most ideal river for river sports such as kayak and rafting. In recent years even more people involved in these sports come to our village to workout or do a favorite hobby while enjoying the beautiful natural landscape.
 In Matesi there are 5 temples:  the bigest one is built in the centre of the village and  is dedicated to the Assumption, the church of St. Theodore  near the cemetery,  the church of Prophitis Ilias in the village and two churches of Agia Paraskevi in the mountain and the Birth of the Virgin near the creek.

In our village the Papailiou  and  Paraskevopoulos houses were offered in order to make a hostel which is not yet built.

There is also the Folklore Museum housed in the old stone school and which has over 400 exhibits.