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Matesi magazine

Here you can find and read recent issues of our Magazine "Matesi" of our village and  see the cover of all issues.
It is worth noting that the magazine is being published continuously since 1983 and the topics included are mainly news of the village and the association, history, folklore and social issues  and published old photos. Archives  from  the Association's history are presented and   everything related to our village as well.

Each Matesian can send to the Journal in order to be published, information about the village, the activities and achievements of its people even their thoughts about any matter concerning Matesi or the society in general.

History  of the Journal

It was an autumn evening in 1983 in Metamorfosi-Attiki, in the office of  Christopher Aroukatos. Himself,  Lycurgos Polychronopoulos and Aris Alexopoulos put in action the realisation of the Journal "Matesi", which had only been a dream that had captured their minds for long. Three "technocrats" undertook a case from scratch which in advance seemed very difficult.

There was relative ignorance about typing issues, publications, etc. but this is the destiny of man: we learn until the last day of our lives. They fell into deep water and swam.
The three of them then began to see one by one all the subjects they had to solve. Several meetings  until late at night and they were trying to solve the problems in finding topics, spell checking, editing, layout of material, organization, etc. The coming out of  the first issue required 12 meetings!

It should be noted here that the Journal was supported from  the very start by all members of the Board of the Association, under President Bill Almpani, who was the «father» of the logo "Matesi" , and the Community of Matesi chaired by Thanassis Mathopoulos.

During its 25 years life many compatriots help on every issue, mainly Thanasis Spyropoulos, John Alexopoulos, John Mathopoulos etc who had an important contribution.

The achievements of our Association  through  the Journal over the years are:

1. The village news, the activities of the Association of Matesians  were known widly, even abroad. The village and its people  came closer to our compatriots worldwide.
2. Helped in recording historical events and legends of old times
3. Recorded customs, festivals and celebrations, lost jobs, in effect the lifestyle of our ancestors.
4. Recorded funny stories, songs, lyrics, jokes, etc.
5. It gives people in our village the opportunity to write about issues of common interest, offering their views.
6. Helped raise the awareness of  Matesi as a  region which faces several problems and these issues were brought to the Prefecture, the Union of Municipalities, etc. to discuss and resolve them.
7. Recorded old  unpublished photographs.

All these things make the Journal useful, valuable and necessary for the vitality of our village and the relations between Matesians worldwide.