Visitors from 1/6/2002


The Association of Worldwide Matesians "Agia Paraskevi" was founded in 1926 by Matesians who had left the village to live and work elsewhere, especially those that had migrated to Athens.
It now has its own offices, Sapfous 18 in Athens. The activities of the Association are up to now various and different depending on the decade. Currently the Association has the following strategic goals:

1.To  help the village become more beautiful, more attractive to Matesians and other  people so that they will visit more often  and for longer periods.

2.To record the history of our village  as the oldest of us, the living sources of history, will not be around us for long and the risk of no memory being left from the past is visible. To enhance the pride of Matesians worldwide for today and yesterday.

3. To bring the village closer to people everywhere.  

Here we want to remind you that the Association is not a Public Administration Service nor a company of any kind  and thus does not have sufficient financial resources. Its achievements are based on voluntary participation and the success of its goals depends on the personal efforts of everyone and especially the coordinated efforts and financial support.

Matesians worldwide who want to help strengthen the Association financially may deposit their contribution to the following bank account:

National Bank of Greece
Acc. Nr. 07794618764
IBAN: GR 5101100770000007794618764
Names: Alexopoulos Ioannis, Koutsoukos Ioannis

Please write your name with your fund transfer.

Do not forget our motto:

To look over what we can do for our country and not what our country can do for us. (Abraham Lincoln)