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Matesi publications

The activity of Matesians in writing books is really impressive. The plethora of editions leads us to create two categories of books. One contains books that have Matesi as their main theme. The other includes books written by people who were born or have their origin in Matesi.


Books on  Matesi

The tradition of our village is rich, consisting of fables, stories, songs, proverbs and traditions of Matesi in the past. It is significant that each site has its own history, each festival has its own customs and each activity has its own songs.
It is important to mention that all this cultural heritage of Matesi is recorded in two books, that of late Thanasis Spiropoulos "Matesi, Legends, Tales and Traditions", issued by the Association in 1994 and "Before being  forgotten - Folklore Collection Issues " written by our compatriot John M. Mathopoulos 2001. Both books are available in the Association.

The first release ever made by a compatriot was the poetry of the late Tassos Koutsoukos  alias "Loretzos",  titled "The Fairy of Alpheus" published in 1964. This verse novel of 100 pages is the story of the heroine shepherd  Vasilo,  and her lover Dimos. The book is a mirror of language and life of  Matesi and describes the difficulty of village life, joys and morals in a poetical and satirical style. 

Thanasis Spiropoulos "Matesi, Legends, Tales and Traditions" Athens 1994.
This book, published by the Association of Matesians,  offers historical and folkloric information on our village, rendered from the perspective and of the author.

The most important part of the book is the story of village life. Here we have such a lively narrative that the reader can "see" the celebrations, weddings and agricultural operations passing in front of their eyes.
We feel fortunate that this book didn't let the history, legends and traditions of our village to be erased from our memory..

John M. Mathopoulos "Before forgotten (Folklore issues - Collection)" Matesi 2001.
This is a substantial body of folklore themes described in literary style. In 180 pages there is a serious effort to record and display a number of issues from life in Matesi.
In the book there is a glossary of our village, place names, names of animals, agricultural procedures (oil mill, mill,  etc.),  traditions, nutrition habits, and some history.

Calendar 2010 (Edition Association of Matesians)
As in 2009 so in 2010 the Association issued a calendar with pictures of the village.


In 2006 the Association issued a CD with a lot of old photographs of village life and activities of the Association. The CD is available in the Association.